Training is the Best Investment you can make in your Shooting

The shooting sports are very costly to your resources of time and money. You need gear, ammo, entry fees, travel expenses, and the list goes on and on. You take time away from your family and you take time off of work to participate in the sport you love so much.

Isn't it time you invested some resources in really getting better?

Wouldn't it be cool to stop struggling so much and get on a rapid path to real improvement?

What separates our training from others is that we do everything from the mental game perspective, because it doesn't really matter what you can do in practice if your mental game won't let you shoot at your level of skill at the match.

Many shooters complain about shooting matches below their perceived level of skill, and I was one of them for many years. I figured out how to fix that, and I can help you fix it in your shooting.

For less than the cost of one major match you can be on your way to much better shooting and save yourself years of struggle.

Are you ready?

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Facetime Tune-up: If you can't get to Steve for a Dry Fire Tune up, let's use modern technology! If you have access to Apple's Facetime we can get together this way instead. We have done several of these Facetime Dry Fire Tune-ups and they work really well, almost as well as the real thing. We'll look at Stance, Grip, Draw, Reloads and go through all of the basics you need to Dry Fire Moregooderbetter!


Phone Consultation: If you have a shooting problem that is not technique related, let's talk through it. The phone consultation is ideal for Mental Game problems and general shooting attitude issues. I do have to charge something for my time, and we have found that paying a nominal fee for a phone consult makes people more likely to call and more likely to take it seriously. 


This the Advanced 2 Day Class, with a focus on Speed and Movement. Shooters should be graduates of the standard class or USPSA B class or higher.




Video Consultation and Analysis:If you have video of your shooting we can evaluate it and design some custom training based on the strengths and weaknesses we see in your shooting. Match video is preferred, although I'll be happy to look at Dry Fire or Live Fire practice video as well. $50 gets you a full analysis and specific training recommendations. 

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